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The Mayfair Magazine, juillet 2014

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Step inside the grandiose Chateau Louis XIV, created by luxury property developer COGEMAD and inspired by the Palace of Versailles, to discover its 17th-century charm in all its extravagance and glory.

Seventeenth-century design is the epitome of superfluity, and the French style of this era, even more. The rows of towering colonnade facades, ceiling murals of baby blue skies with angelic cherubim and panels of baroque marble from this time, are some of the most extravagant examples still admired today. Any attempt to recreate this distinctive guise has to be done with elegance and awareness of its history, and French real estate development company COGEMAD have done just that with a chateau located in the commune of Louveciennes, situated on the outskirts of Paris.

The Paris-based brand was formed 25 years ago and was founded by international businessman Emad Khashoggi, when he and his team of architects and designers set out to create exquisite properties, ranging from classical French chateaux to the ultimate contemporary house in the Middle East. This September, they will make their UK debut.

Among the COGEMAD property portfolio is the magnificent Chateau Louis XIV, which was built as a scaled down Palace of Versailles, the former French royal residence.

This estate is set over 50-acres of landscaped gardens, reminiscent of André Le Nôtre’s designs for Versailles, featuring parterre flowers, gold-leaf fountains and a hedged labyrinth. However, the 17th-century influence stretches much further than just the grounds. One of the eight reception rooms hosts a chamber with a 17-meter high domed ceiling, decorated in a fresco-inspired fashion. The theme continues through to the library, which features a huge chestnut brown marbled fireplace with a painting of King Louis XIV hanging over the mantel, alongside antique white and harvest gold paneled walls and gilded, suspended chandeliers. The chateau also houses Turkish baths, La Cornue kitchens and an indoor spa.

COGEMAD have managed to match history together with the everyday necessities and luxuries of the 21st century together in perfect balance. This particular property has several areas dedicated to relaxing and entertaining such as an indoor squash court, an underwater lounge and a room devoted to evening soirees. It’s an ideal place to fill with friends and family of all generations, which is made all the more convenient with particulars such as a children’s pool, stables with eight boxes and a ‘nanny’ suite. The chateau is made complete with all the gadgets you could need; a silent reversible air conditioning system with a humidifier, under floor heating and iPad/iPhone control of the house systems – including the fountains. COGEMAD brings a new dimension to haute couture living with properties fit for a King (or Queen).

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