Mayfair Magazine, Arabic Edition, février 2015

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From the glamorous banks of Lake Geneva to the expansive desert in the Middles-East, bespoke real estate company Cogemad are introducing a new level of luxury, one exclusive resident at a time.

The allure of haute couture reaches far beyond fashion with the unique residences of international real estate company, Cogemad.

The specially created properties within Cogemad’s portfolio are full of grand architecture and reside within some of the world’s most enviable locations across Europe, Russia and the Middle East. And if you happen to be seeking your own personal French paradise, the Palais Vénitien is a home unlike any other.

Overlooking the beautiful city of Cannes and the sparkling blue waters of the Mediterranean, this palatial home consists of 12 expansive residential suites. Of course, no French paradise would be complete without ample external space to relax and enjoy the breath-taking views of the French Riviera, which you can do from the property’s two hectares, including a private lake and woodlands, swimming pool and tennis court.

Another crowning jewel of Cogemad design is the Middle Eastern residence known simply as Mirage. The secluded property fuses old with knew as calligraphy sculpted stone sits elegantly next to a contemporary glass terrace, each suggesting fine craftsmanship throughout the building. Benefiting from a seemingly endless winter garden, and with grounds which include a majestic private moat, the Mirage is a truly extravagant desert retreat from the scorching Bahraini sun.

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